Drama Constellation Workshops in English

Constellation Workshop for Film Scripts and Plays

This workshop is for writers, directors and actors,

as well as anyone with an interest in film and theatre

Using representatives chosen from among the workshop participants, the constellation work awakens stories and insight into characters of a script or play. This process offers writers, directors, and actors a unique and valuable perspective into their own creative process.

In the script constellation process, parts of the script are chosen by the writer, director. Representatives who will embody the characters in the story are then selected from among the workshop participants. As the characters interact, a deeper understanding of intentions and motives are revealed. In this way, answers to questions concerning dramatic aspects, such as a dialogue, a scene,an intention,a plot development and other are revealed. We will work on specific questions concerning your play/script.

Sometimes it is even necessary to “see” the whole play/script as represented by the participants and see the story written. This valuable process allows writers to ask their own questions and find answers for the theme of their work, the motives of the characters, the right ending; also to test pieces of dialogue, to evaluate the impact on the audience, to see what might be missing, and to deepen their understanding of their own creative process, perhaps becoming more aware of personal issues involved or left out in their creative work. An external context, such as issues concerning finances and production, can also be explored.

What is the benefit for actors and other participants taking part in the constellation-process as representatives? You are invited to make a unique experience! Find out how easily accesseable characters and their emotional situations can be without even knowing much about them and how it changes the way you act and behave. Also it is a pleasure to be part in the development of a new story.

Who is leading this workshop?

Elisabeth Baulitz, actress and systemic coach, lives with her family in Berlin, Germany. She is fascinated by the field of systemic and artistic work and the use of constellation work since many years and constantly growing in her studies with this. As she spent a third of her life in America her English is fluent, so don`hesitate to invite her.

6th of September in Berlin

2nd Drama Constellation Workshop in autumn 2015 in Copenhagen! mail here for Contact

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